Scary Cute Halloween Dress
Scary Cute Halloween Dress

Scary Cute Halloween Dress

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One-of-a-kind pieces. Produced in small batches. Handcrafted in the USA.

Dress your Dainty Cheeks doll in the cutest Halloween print around!
This skeleton and moth print Halloween dress is the perfect way to kick of the spooky season.

Not sure which size to order?

The UNICORN size will fit: Wonder-Filled Unicorn and Wonder-Filled Pony *Full-Sized* Doll.
The LIONESS size will fit: Lioness Doll *Full Size*, Heirloom Doll *Full Size*, Panda Doll, Bird Doll *Full Size*, Llama, Rabbit, Pup, Shaggy Pup, Sloth, Bear, Kitty, Fox, Cow, Otter, and Spirit Animal Doll.
The BABY size will fit: Baby Bunny, Baby Kitty, Baby Piggie, Baby Uni and all other baby-sized dolls.
*Dolls not included.