The Dainty Maker Box No. 7 // Snow Babe & Snow Bear Sock Pals

Box No. 7 is a Dainty twist on a classic holiday craft. These rice sock pals are a joy to bring to life and once you make one, you’ll want to make more because they are so fun to create. We had a lot of fun making ours!
These maker boxes are made to be done together, to encourage quality time, that's why I don’t put an age limit on these projects. Depending on how old your child is, you may need to tweak the steps slightly in order to make it fun for everyone.
This keepsake is meant to be kept for a lifetime. I especially love pulling out previous holiday crafts my girls make to put out each year, so we used two types of glue to help make that possible. My girls each use a low temp glue gun, which is warm, but not hot. (Here's the link to the glue gun.) We also used a tacky glue for some parts, which is best for use on fabrics. (This kind.)
*These glues can also be found at any craft store and are used for just about every maker box.
1. Lay out all materials/supplies. 
2. Cut sock approximately 2 inches below the heel. Set toe section aside.
3. Flip the tube section inside out.
4. Gather and tie the cut end of the sock 3/4 inch from the top.
5. Tie tightly with embroidery floss. Be sure to knot 2 or 3 times to secure. This will become the bottom of your snowbabe. Trim excess embroidery floss.
6. Flip sock back to correct side out.
7. Slowly scoop or pour 2 1/2 to 3 cups of dry rice or oatmeal into your sock. (You can place sock in tall drinking glass and fold ends over the lip to support the sock as you pour.)
8. Once sock is filled, use the embroidery floss to tie off the top section of the sock
(about 1 inch from the top). Use the same method as the bottom. You’ll also be forming the snowbabe’s shape with your hands to create an indent for the neck. Tie the middle section to separate your snowbabe’s head and body. (Tip: Bottom will be larger and rounder to help your creation stand up!)
9. (SNOW BEAR) Next, take the pink knit and tie around your snowbear’s head. Tuck the center of the knit up under the knot to create the headwrap. Trim excess knit.
9. (SNOW BABE) Next, take the toe section of the sock that you set aside and make a cut directly before where the ribs of the sock begin. This will become your snowbabe’s hat.
 10. (SNOW BEAR) Glue 2 white poms on your snowbear’s head (one on each side) to make the ears.
10. (SNOW BABE) Place toe section on the snowbabe’s head and roll two times to form the cuff of the hat.
 11. (SNOW BEAR) Glue the third white pom to the center of the face to create the bear nose. Add the small black pom on top for the nose.
11. (SNOW BABE) Next, take the extra large white Pom and hot glue it to the top of the hat.
12. (SNOW BEAR) Locate the faux fur and ties. Flip the fur face down and glue ties on each side. Allow to dry. Tie around snowbear’s neck. 
12. (SNOW BABE) Now, let’s make the scarf! Grab your soft knit scarf piece and tie around the neck; knotting to one side. Take the embroidery floss and double knot each end of the scarf. This will help prevent fraying and create a fringed look. Trim excess embroidery floss.
13. Now we’ll make the face! These are example faces. However, there are plenty of supplies to get creative! Hot glue your selected facial features directly to your snowbabe’s face.
15. Add buttons down the center of the body with sequins or other supplies.
16. You can also accessorize your new snowbabe using anything around the house that may be fitting!   

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