The Dainty Maker Box No. 4 // Bear Hugger Keepsake Visual

I'm thrilled to share The Dainty Maker Box No. 4 with you! This month's project is a bear hugger keepsake. Hang it anywhere to "hug" your little one's masterpieces, notes, etc. This box also comes with a few pre-printed notes (including one to give it as a gift for Father's Day if you wish).  
These maker boxes are made to be done together, to encourage quality time, that's why I don’t put an age limit on these projects. Depending on how old your child is, you may need to tweak the steps slightly in order to make it fun for everyone. 
This keepsake is meant to be kept for a lifetime, so we used two types of glue to help make that possible. My girls each use a low temp glue gun, which is warm, but not hot. (Here's the link to the glue gun.) We also used a tacky glue for some parts, which is best for use on fabrics. (This kind.)
*These glues can also be found at any craft store and are used for just about every maker box.
 Be sure to tag @thedaintymaker on Instagram so I can see all your masterpieces!


1. Lay out all materials/supplies. Pull up the Maker Box 4 visual guide on the blog.

2. Cut out 7 Pattern pieces.
3. Tacky glue pattern pieces labeled “Bear Head” and “Bear Arms” onto felt sheet.      
4. Cut Felt Sheet around glued pattern pieces.
5. Tacky glue pattern pieces labeled “Bear Ears” and “Fur Patch” onto back (non-fur side) of Fur Sheet.
6. Cut Fur Sheet around glued pattern pieces.
7. Hot glue “Bear Ears” to back of “Bear Head”.
8. Hot glue “Fur Patch” to front of “Bear Head” on the forehead of the bear.
9. Hot Glue Large White Pom to front, center of “Bear Head”.
10. Hot glue Gold Wire to center of Small Black Pom.
11. Add hot glue to the rear, center of Small Black Pom and adhere to center of Large White Pom to create the bear’s snout.

12. Trace “Bear Eyes” onto the back of White Felt Strip and cut out.
13. Hot glue Black Sequins to front of each white white circle.
14. Lay the eyes you just created onto the front of “Bear Head” to position eyeballs.
15. Once eye placement is determined, peel off back of white felt and stick onto bear face. Adding a dab of hot glue will help secure them.
16. Hot glue Pink Poms onto bear face to make the cheeks.
17.  Hot glue each of the “Bear Arms” to the front of each clothespin. Make sure the rounded paw is facing the clothespin opening.

18. Hot glue the inner side of the top of the clothespins to the back of “Bear Head”. Position the arms on an inward angle; arms will have a slight overlap. Hold pressure until the glue dries.
19. Hot glue the 6 Small (White/Tan) Poms on end of “Bear Arms” paws.
20. Hot glue Fabric Bow Tie to the corners of “Bear Arms” closest to the snout.
21. Hot glue Hanging Loop to the back of “Bear Head”. Cut a leftover strip of Felt Sheet and hot glue over top of Hanging Loop for added strength.

22. Cut out 1 or all of the included note cards and color/write a message!


You're finished. :) Great job! I hope you had fun with this one. Be sure to tag @thedaintymaker on Instagram. 

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