The Dainty Maker

I'm so excited to share @thedaintymaker with you! This new extension of the Dainty Cheeks brand has been a long time coming and there has never been a better time to share this latest venture with you. 
One major thing this past year has taught me is that quality time is so very crucial; not just for when things are really uncertain, but also simply as a way of resetting and recharging from the craziness of everyday life. During quarantine, coming up with fun things to do with my girls (that they’d BOTH enjoy- 3yrs & 11yrs) has become my mission and has really made me fall back in love with simple crafting. My girls always want to help in the studio, but oftentimes there isn’t a whole lot for them to do. I’ll be coming up with fun, eclectic projects that incorporate the steps a maker would follow to create a little masterpiece. The steps include: sketching the initial design, cutting out and tracing a pattern, then mixing and matching fabric scraps from Dainty Cheeks’ studio to create fun, seasonal projects. All you’ll need are some common materials such as scissors, glue, etc. (See below for some of my tried and true recommendations). These crafts are intended to be done together and as a way to disconnect and reconnect all at the same time.
I'm thrilled to see where this journey leads. I get asked almost weekly where the fabrics and materials I use for Dainty Cheeks' dolls come from. The short answer: all over. Some are found at fabric stores (both big name and small, local brick and mortar), but so many of the best pieces are repurposed from vintage and found clothing that I've spent hours upon hours scouring antique and thrift stores searching for. There's something so very special about finding the diamond in the rough... that special gem that has been overlooked and bringing it back to life. 
That is what makes these craft boxes so special- making projects that aren’t so “cookie cutter” with eclectic materials that differ with each package shipped out... One-of-a-kind, just like you.  
These crafts are meant to be treasured. I love saving the seasonal projects my girls make in bins, to put out each year and admire. It is so fun to see how they grow creatively as time goes by. One of our most used tools for crafting is this low temp hot glue gun:

Sure, any glue will work, but if you are hoping to have these projects for a long time, hot glue is the way to go. My girls both have one of these and they are a game-changer. They are warm, but not hot and work great. It doesn't hurt that they are under $6.00 on amazon! A good pair of scissors and fabric scissors are useful too. Depending on the age and level of your little one, there are so many creative ways to work together. For my littlest, I know she has a shorter attention span, so I'll have the pattern cut out ahead of time. As you go, you'll find out what works best.
I'm so excited to see all of your masterpiees!

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