Greta's Nursery Tour

dainty cheeks nursery

{ "Love her but leave her wild" Print, wallpaper, diaper bag, changing pad cover }

I'm so excited to share Greta's Nursery. This little space has been a labor of love that Scot and I (with the help of family and friends) have poured our hearts into over the last few months.

This room was originally my studio for  Dainty Cheeks when we first moved into this 200-year old house. It served its purpose as an inspiring, creative space for me. But now that it is complete, I am so excited to watch our new little one grow and make memories in her very own new space. 

When I started to plan the space, I wasn't sure what I wanted for her exactly, but there were four elements that I was sure about... I knew that I didn't really want a "theme", I wanted to do a bold wallpaper accent wall, I wanted there to be some deeper meaning with nostalgia to the overall finished design, and I wanted to use the colors emerald, gold, and indigo.

The name that we decided on for her ended up sort of being the inspiration for the concept. We both fell in love with the name Greta and then looking into the meaning of it, we knew we wouldn't find a more fitting name for this little one. 

Greta is derived from the name Margaret which comes from the Greek word pearl. Margaret is my maternal grandmother's name and Pearl is both Scot's great grandmother's name and a sweet nickname that my late grandfather used to affectionately call my mom when she was younger. 

Choosing the wallpaper was the very first part of the process. While looking on one night in bed, I stumbled upon our Monarch Butterfly print in emerald. I instantly fell in love. I usually deliberate on making decisions at the start of a design project, but there was no hesitation. 

Butterflies have always made me think of my grandmother. From colorful brooches, she'd wear on her dresses when I was younger, to beautiful prints of butterflies on dishes and elements in her home. Butterflies are a deep and powerful representations of life.  Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. I couldn't think of a better concept for our new baby's space.

dainty cheeks doll

{ Boho Indigo Heirloom doll  }

 dainty cheeks changing table

 { wool bear, hooded heirloom doll, baby moccs }

dainty cheeks nursery shelf

dainty cheeks nursery

Her crib was the next piece added to her room. I knew that I wanted something simple with a more modern feel. We found this on at Ikea.  I also loved the simplicity and texture of this mobile from Pottery Barn. Her Clementine Kids quilt is one of the softest, coziest blankets I've ever felt and the other side is a coordinating plaid that I can't wait to use this fall! 

dainty cheeks nursery

dainty cheeks nursery

{ unicorn doll, sloth doll, crib sheets  }

dainty cheeks nursery

 dainty cheeks nursery

 I saw these hooks a while ago and loved the quirkiness of them, but didn't have a place for them at the time. While exploring different swaddle storage solutions/ display ideas, I immediately went back to them and had to incorporate them into the room. 

dainty cheeks nursery

 { swaddles, dolls left to right - jackalope, monkey, heirloom doll, elephant } 

This over sized cloth basket is a clearance Home Goods score and is so great for toys because it feels bottomless and is soft for little hands to explore. 

dainty cheeks nursery shelf

{ bunny doll, little bears, moccs }

This little shelf wall has a mix of new and old treasures on it. These are just a few of big sister's books that she picked to pass to her little sister and read to her. Books were and continue to be such a big part of Grace's childhood and I am so excited to read to our new little babe with the help of Grace. 

dainty cheeks nursery

dainty cheeks baby nursery

dainty cheeks nursery

One of my favorite elements is my great grandmother's rocker. It creaks and is broken in and is the very same piece that my dad's father was rocked in when he was little. The cushion cover was one of the table overlays at our wedding and the neutral swan that rests upon it was a prototype sample doll that I never ran. The swaddle on the rocker was one of the first non-furniture baby pieces that I found by the talented Baby Jives Co and it reads " Your bright + tiny spark lights the dark" which I adore. 

dainty cheeks nursery

dainty cheeks nursery

{ bowteether, moccs }

Greta will be making her appearance in less than 2 weeks and we are over-the-moon and ready for her arrival. The thought of being a mom again is overwhelming and exciting and every little thing in between. 

I will be taking time off from Dainty Cheeks for the longest amount of time in 8 years. I'm excited to recharge and gather inspiration from all of the newness of having a little one around. While I will enjoy the break, I will miss creating. BUT- I'm so excited to see how motherhood the second time around inspires me in ways I don't even see coming. 




  • Victoria

    Hello everything is gorgeous! Can I ask where the rug, gold mirror and gold and wooden shelves are from?

  • Monica Brenoskie

    I am so in love with her nursery. Can I move in, too? I had a whole vision for Maddie’s nursery but wanted to wait until we moved. Now that we are settled in, I still haven’t set up her nursery like I had planned. Greta’s space is gorgeous and she even has my favorite shade of green on the wall. ❤️ Congratulations on her arrival!!

  • Jenny

    I love how your talent for beauty shines through in everything you do. Enjoy your time off with your family.

  • Shelley AShlock

    Your heirloom dolls are the Prettiest dolls I’ve ever seen, we cannnot wait to snag the first one when you come back! Obsessed with that wall paper!! And the mobile is so elegant!!

  • Tina Aquino

    You are so talented. I would love this room….even at my age. Scott chose a wife just like his mother a beautiful, creative woman! Have a beautiful life! Greta is going to love her room! Congratulations on her birth!!

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