The Dainty Maker Box No. 13 // Clothespin Pals

1. Lay out all materials/supplies.
2. First you’ll want to draw your faces on your doll. Before you start, you can try
drawing some sample faces on the circles provided. Included, you’ll find a fine tip
marker that’s perfect for little features. Make sure the slit in the clothespin is in the
center on the front and back. You also have an assortment of colors to add cheeks, etc. I’ve done a sample of a dog, cat and girl on the blog, but this maker box is very open-ended so feel free to get creative!

3. If you choose to do a girl doll you can draw on the hair with marker and add
coordinating small poms. In my sample I did pig-tail poms, but feel free to get
creative with the style. (Such as a top knot, short hair cut, etc.)

4. For the dog and cat dolls, once you’ve added a face, cut out tiny ears from
felt. Hot glue the ears onto each doll. You’ll also cut out 3 sets of arms from desired felt color. Set the arms aside until step 7.

5. You can add accessories such as a crown, sequins, or flower trim on the dolls’

6. Now comes the fun part. Let’s start designing! Use the ribbons and lace/tulle to
create their outfits. The ribbons work great as tops. You’ll wrap around just under
the dolls’ heads and glue the back to close it up. Trim off the excess.

7. Next you’ll add coordinating arms. Take the arms you cut out in Step 4 and hot
glue into place over the tops.

8. After that, you can add the detail to the tops of your dolls’ outfits. The larger
poms work great as puff sleeves. You can also use trim and sequins to make a shawl.

9. Now you’ll add the bottoms. The lace works great as skirts. Hot glue into place
at the waistline in the same way you glued the tops.

10. Use the pipe cleaners, embroidered wings and/or tulle to create wings.
*Pipe cleaner wings: Find the 2 ends and twist together to connect and make a
circle. Next pinch and twist the center of the circle to divide in half, then shape the

*Tulle wings: Cut a small strip of felt. Pinch the center of the tulle and wrap the strip of felt around it. Hot glue closed. Trim each end of the wing to the desired shape.

11. Flip dolls over and glue wings on the center of the back.

12. Draw on shoes and add desired stars and gemstone to the dolls.

13. Once you’re happy with the appearance of your dolls, you’re done! Sit back
and admire your creation.

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