12 Days of Holiday Magic.

During this magical time, there's something new and exciting happening
every day here at Dainty Cheeks!

I hope you join the fun; here's what's happening:

Day 1 (12/1) 12 PM EST: The first ever holiday ornament will be in the shop! These miniature versions of our favorite Dainty Cheeks friend are sure to add a little magic to your tree. 
Day 2  
Day 2 (12/2) 12 PM EST: Here's your chance to have the largest ever Dainty Cheeks Llama doll under your tree! This one-of-a-kind boho babe measures 3.5 feet tall and is sure to add style to any space she's in! The raffle will run until 12PM EST on 12/6 and the winner will be announced that afternoon. With each raffle ticket purchase, you will receive a page of downloadable gift tags for my favorite holiday gift-giving tradition: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.

Day 3 (12/3) 9 PM EST: Back by overwhelming demand, one last re-purposed stocking restock of 2018. Also in the shop, you will find the latest addition to the Dainty Cheeks family: the new stocking-sized alpaca doll. Measuring 15 inches tall, compared to the 20 inches of the full-size doll, these alpacas will fit perfectly inside your Dainty Cheeks stockings.

Enjoy free U.S. First Class shipping when you purchase 2 or more items using code: stockingstuffer at checkout.

Day 3 

Day 4 
Day 4 (12/4) 12 PM EST: No matter what your doll's personal style (traditional, boho, or glitzy) we have her covered! Three new styles of holiday dresses will be available in the shop, as well as a limited edition winter white fur shawl to complete her holiday look.
As my treat to you, all U.S. clothing orders will receive FREE USPS First Class shipping.

Day 5 (12/5) 12 PM EST: "Pass it on Perks" Enjoy a coffee on me! Whether you're busy at work and need a mid-day pick me up, or out running errands with the kiddos, here's my way of thanking you for all of your support this year. Gift card barcode will be uploaded to Instagram, simply scan your phone at checkout, and enjoy it while it's hot. Be sure to vote on IG stories on 12/1 for gift card location.

*Please limit one per customer to ensure as many people as possible can take part in this sweet treat.

Day 5

 Day 6
Day 6 (12/6): The winner of the Oversized Alpaca raffle will be announced in IG stories!
Day 7 (12/7) 9 PM EST: One last restock of the Wonder-Filled Pups! These sugar plum pups will be dressed in glitzy dresses to add a little sparkle to your holiday and every day.
Day 7 
 Day 8
Day 8 (12/8) 12 PM EST: The Oversized Mama and Baby Bird Raffle! Proceeds from this raffle will benefit local families to help make their holiday "nothing short of magical!" This Oversized Mama measures a little over 3 feet long and comes with a coordinating 16-inch baby bird. With each raffle ticket purchase, you will receive a downloadable gift tag page of your favorite Dainty Cheeks critters, perfect for your little ones to decorate and color. These tiny masterpieces will be great adornments to their little holiday packages.

Day 9,10,11,12 (12/9-12/12): Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for your chance to win one-of-a-kind Dainty Cheeks pieces along with products from some of our favorite shops.
Day 9 -12


Wishing you a holiday season that is nothing short of magical! :)


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